My intention is to show different editions of Rush-LPs. Sometimes the diversity of the pressings are only noticable in different label-prints, but this is proof enough for me to speak about different editions. I'm trying to give exact descriptions to explain why I show the same record several times.


A few words about import-LPs:

I treat imported LPs as national-releases if they have a national distributor. You'll find examples from the time when Rush weren't successful enough, so that national companies didn't take the risk to press vinyl themselves. They imported the records, but distributed them themselves.

A special example is the Canadian 'Caress Of Steel', which was imported from the US because the demand for the album was bigger than expected. It must have been easier, maybe faster, to get the US-pressing. 

By the late 80ies LPs weren't selling enough units anymore, instead of CDs. That also led to importing vinyl and distributing it nationally. For example, there are german-editions of 'Hold Your Fire' and 'A Show of Hands', recognizable by promo-sheets from the distribution-company. 




Ich freue mich über Anregungen, Tipps und persönliche Kontaktaufnahmen über das untenstehende Formular.

Feedback and questions are welcome and I'd like to get in touch with fellow-collectors.




Hamburg / GERMANY



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